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New Forests Timber Products is the timber sales agent for New Forests’ Australian hardwood estate. The business aims to be the supplier of choice for certified plantation forest products, specialising in the export of hardwood chip from Australian plantations.

Our hardwood chip comes from Australia’s largest freehold plantation estates, where we use advanced silvicultural regimes and responsible forestry practices to produce consistent, superior quality products.

Experience You Can Trust

New Forests Timber Products is part of the New Forests group and operates across Australia with primary exports out of the ports of Burnie and Long Reach  (Tasmania), Portland (Victoria), and Albany (Western Australia). Through close alignment with New Forests’ plantation resources, we offer reliability and product quality while meeting our customers’ needs for demonstrated responsible management and harvest of our forests.

New Forests Timber Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Forests Pty Ltd and is backed by the experience and strength of its parent company. New Forests was established in Australia in 2005 to manage investments in sustainable forestry. Today the company has AUD 2.75 billion in timberland assets under management, including more than 600,000 hectares of forests and land in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and the United States. New Forests Timber Products was established in 2015 as an expansion of New Forests’ services into timber marketing in order to capitalise on the scale and quality of forest resources managed by the company.


New Forests has 10 years’ of experience in the Australian forest sector and regional Asia Pacific timber markets. New Forests has been a leader in the transition of Australia’s forest sector to stable, long-term ownership by institutional investors. We are proud of our contribution to ensuring Australia’s forest sector remains a competitive suppler of top-quality timber for both domestic and global markets into the future.

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New Forests Timber Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Forests Pty Ltd. With a robust governance framework the parent company provides a stable, credible, and responsible business environmental within which New Forests Timber Products operates. The subsidiary has its own Board of Directors, which includes two New Forests executives and will include two independent directors.

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New Forests Timber Products is led by Director, David Evans. David is responsible for all timber sales and customer relationship management as well as oversight for logistics, chain of custody, and quality control management for New Forests Timber Products. David has more than 30 year’s experience in the forestry and woodchip export business in Australia and Asia and has sold more than 50 million tonnes of timber products into Asian markets. David is based in Melbourne and travels frequently to key markets within Asia.

Our Products

Our timber products come from certified forestry estates in Australia – specialising in high-quality, hardwood chip from Australia’s finest eucalyptus plantations.

New Forests Timber Products offers customers a direct connection to high-quality plantation resources that deliver wood fibre with consistent and reliable specs and quality you can count on. Our business model provides access to an efficient, well-managed supply chain and removes the overhead costs of intermediaries. This straightforward supply chain and our team’s experience in harvesting, shipping, and logistics also ensures that New Forests Timber Products delivers the product you need on time.

Eucalyptus nitens

Commonly known as Shining Gum, Eucalyptus nitens is native to Tasmania where it is the preferred hardwood plantation species for its high suitability to the local climate and its attractive pulping characteristics.

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Eucalyptus globulus

Australian Blue Gum is widely grown across the Australian mainland and has earned its place as the country’s top pulp and paper plantation species, known for its high pulp yield and reliable quality.

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Quality and Assurance

Our focus is on plantation hardwood chip serving major pulp and paper markets across Asia. We have the capacity to meet major woodchip specifications and can use the Forico Fibretek laboratory for quality control and transparency in the characteristics of every shipment. Our two main hardwood species have demonstrated characteristics for the production of pulp and paper, dissolving pulp, fluff pulp, and even wood pellets for a range of end market uses.

Integrity in Service

New Forests Timber Products is a part of Australia’s largest timberland investment business. This gives us the financial strength, stability, and scale to be a partner of choice for wood fibre buyers across the Asia Pacific. The integrity of our business is supported by our commitment to transparency and to excellence in our operations and business.

Our Plantation Resources

New Forests Timber Products markets woodchip from two of Australia’s most iconic, large-scale hardwood assets, Forico Pty Ltd and the Forestry Investment Trust.

  • Forestry Investment Trust (FIT) – The FIT estate includes more than 140,000 hectares of FSC-certified Eucalyptus globulus plantations managed under third-party forest certifications. The estate is concentrated in Great Southern regions of Western Australia and the productive Green Triangle region of Victoria and South Australia.
  • Forico Pty Ltd (Forico) – The Forico business manages a 100,000 hectare FSC-certified plantation estate in Tasmania formerly owned by Gunns Ltd. The primary species is Eucalyptus nitens. As of September 2015, Forico has re-commissioned and upgraded the Surrey Hills Mill with leading technology and equipment and is licensed to process up to 1.6 million green metric tonnes per annum for export. New Forests Timber Products uses Forico’s long-term access agreement for exports through the Port of Burnie as well as export facilities at Long Reach.

Explore the points in the map below to learn more about Australia’s key forestry regions.

Western Australia

A significant blue gum plantation region with exports from both Albany and Bunbury Ports.

Kangaroo Island

Home to some of the highest quality stands of blue gum plantation in Australia with new export facility anticipated in the near future.

Green Triangle

A premier forestry region known for both pine and eucalypt plantations, with attractive growing conditions and easy terrain.


Plantation resources concentrated in Tasmania’s north service export facilities at Burnie and Long Reach


Roll over the logos to learn more about the family of New Forests-related companies and businesses operating in the Asia Pacific timber markets.

New Forests Pty Ltd was incorporated in Australia in 2005 and is the parent company of the New Forests group. New Forests manages more than AUD 2.75 billion in institutional foresty investments in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and the US. This includes more than 600,000 hectares of plantation forests, land, and conservation investments.

Forico is Tasmania’s largest plantation forest manager, operating an integrated supply chain from seed to ships. Forico was established in 2014 as a portfolio company of the New Forests Australia New Zealand Forest Fund 2.

Timberlink launched in 2013 as a portfolio company of the New Forests Australia New Zealand Forest Fund and operates three softwood sawmills, with two in Australia and one in New Zealand.

Certification and Responsible Forestry

New Forests Timber Products is committed to supplying certified wood fibre. Through our close alignment with New Forests’ plantation resources we are able to market the largest supply of certified plantation woodchip from Australia. New Forests Timber Products has the experience to help customers manage their sourcing and chain of custody requirements. Our business is aligned with the following certification standards:

  • Forest Stewardship Council – Able to provide FSC Forest Management or FSC Controlled Wood products.
  • Australian Forestry Standard – AFS is endorsed by the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Council.

Certification Schemes

Each of New Forests’ plantation resources is managed by external property managers and certified under a third-party forest certification scheme. Certification information for current products marketed by New Forests Timber Products is available for viewing at the links below.

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